The Four Counties Championships 2021

To be held on Saturday the 13th November 2021, entry closes on the 13th October 2021 or when the competition is full.

The Four Counties Champs 2021 Entry Form

If anyone wants their participation certificate to email Sue on thank you.


The NM Winter Bench Championships 2021

To be held on Sunday the 21st November 2021, entry closes on the 21st October 2021 or when the competition is full.

This competition will be held at C-4 Gym in Boston.

The NM Winter Bench Champs  2021 Entry Form

Further details to follow.


NM Divisional Record Certificates

British Master’s Classic Championship – 24th/25th July 2021

Emma Stott BP

Cassandra Marillier SQ

Joy Mineo SBDT Combined

Catherine Woodward SBT Combined

Jo Whiteley SBDT Combined

Sue Giles SBDT combined

Sue Giles Total

Sue Giles SQ

Sue Giles BP

Sue Giles DL

Ted Byrne SBDT Combined

Ted Byrne Total

Ted Byrne SQ

Ted Byrne BP

Ted Byrne DL

North Midlands Fred Sterry Classic – 17th July 2021

Jenna Brown – SQ

Jenna Brown BP

Hannah Matson SBDT Combined

Hannah Matson Total

Hannah Matson SQ

Hannah Matson BP

Hannah Matson DL

Ben Roberts SBDT Combined

Ben Roberts Total

Ben Roberts SQ

Ben Roberts BP

Ben Roberts DL

Abdul Butt Total

Abdul Butt SQ

Abdul Butt BP

Aaron Thompson BP

North Midlands Overspill Competition – 10th July 2021

Bill Taylor BP

Bill Taylor Total

Tom Brannick SQ

Tom Brannick BP

Michelle Franklin SBDT Combined

Michelle Franklin Total

Michelle Franklin SQ

Michelle Franklin BP

Michelle Franklin DL

Di Hextall BP

Dec Templeton SBDT Combined

Dec Templeton Total

Dec Templeton SQ

Dec Templeton BP

Dec Templeton DL

Amelia Maycock SBDT Combined

Amelia Maycock Total

Amelia Maycock SQ

Amelia Maycock BP

Amelia Maycock DL

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