Fred Sterry Classic 2021

NO ENTRY without a lateral flow test.  Please get your tests from the Government website and upload results to the appropriate Government page.

Only 1 coach per lifter.  1 lifter, 1 coach.  

Order your lateral flow tests –

Report your lateral flow test –

You will be required to show electronic proof of your test result.

All lifting will now take place on Saturday the 17th July 2021.

Times may slide due to extra Covid cleaning activities.  Please bear with the team, they are working extremely hard to ensure you get the safest experinece possible.  Please follow the directions of the competition staff at all times.

This competition is subject to any and all Covid-19 rules and restrictions in place at the time of the event.

Group 1  
0730 Weigh-in 0930 Start
Name Weight Class
Joanne Booth 63
Jessica Davies 52 jnr
Jenna Brown 52 snr
Hannah Matson 57 jnr
Sarah Glover 57 jnr
Charlotte Wheatley 63 snr
Leila Boldaji 63 snr
Trudy Stanley 63 snr
Katherine Cleary 63 jnr
Tara Tattan-Birch 69 jnr
Catherine Cole 76 snr
Laura Clark 84+ snr
Lois Oliver 84+ snr
Group 2  
1030 Weigh-in 1230 Start
Name Weight Class
Harsh Gokaldas 74jnr
Kevin Fletcher 74 m1
Adam Aswat 83 jnr
Harrison Hall 83 jnr
Callum Simmons 93 snr
Tom Freestone 93 snr
Paul Leatherland 93 m2
William Devries 93 jnr
Jack Bain 105 snr
Tom Gee 105 snr
Nathan Oxford 105 snr
Tom Harris 105 snr
Michael Jones 105 snr
Dan Kohut 120+ snr
Kieran Cooper 120+ snr
Aaron Thompson 120+ snr
Group 3  
1330 Weigh-in 1530 Start
Name Weight Class
Ben Roberts 66 sub jnr
Abdul Butt 66 jnr
Naeemur Rahman 74 jnr
Joe Moore 93jnr
Moey Jun Ming 93jnr
Haydn O’Neill 93 jnr
Thomas Goff 105jnr
Dominic Blake 105 jnr
Dominic Blake 83jnr
Tom Xavier Smith 83 jnr
Elliot Reid 83 jnr
Ibrahim Dridi 83 jnr
Nathan Gevao 83 jnr
Hamza Qureshi 83 jnr
Coby Allen 83 jnr
Cyrus Khine 83 jnr
Ben Gill 83 jnr

NM Divisional Record Certificates

British Master’s Classic Championship – 24th/25th July 2021

Emma Stott BP

Cassandra Marillier SQ

Joy Mineo SBDT Combined

Catherine Woodward SBT Combined

Jo Whiteley SBDT Combined

Sue Giles SBDT combined

Sue Giles Total

Sue Giles SQ

Sue Giles BP

Sue Giles DL

Ted Byrne SBDT Combined

Ted Byrne Total

Ted Byrne SQ

Ted Byrne BP

Ted Byrne DL

North Midlands Fred Sterry Classic – 17th July 2021

Jenna Brown – SQ

Jenna Brown BP

Hannah Matson SBDT Combined

Hannah Matson Total

Hannah Matson SQ

Hannah Matson BP

Hannah Matson DL

Ben Roberts SBDT Combined

Ben Roberts Total

Ben Roberts SQ

Ben Roberts BP

Ben Roberts DL

Abdul Butt Total

Abdul Butt SQ

Abdul Butt BP

Aaron Thompson BP

North Midlands Overspill Competition – 10th July 2021

Tom Brannick SQ

Tom Brannick BP

Michelle Franklin SBDT Combined

Michelle Franklin Total

Michelle Franklin SQ

Michelle Franklin BP

Michelle Franklin DL

Di Hextall BP

Dec Templeton SBDT Combined

Dec Templeton Total

Dec Templeton SQ

Dec Templeton BP

Dec Templeton DL

Amelia Maycock SBDT Combined

Amelia Maycock Total

Amelia Maycock SQ

Amelia Maycock BP

Amelia Maycock DL


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