Current NM divisional records are available to download below;

Women – Equipped

Women – Classic

Men – Equipped

Men – Classic


NM Divisional Records Information

Who can claim a divisional record?

NM divisional records can only be claimed by ACTIVE North Midlands divisional lifters.

Lifters competing in a NM divisional competition as a ‘guest’ are not eligible.

In what competitions are divisional records able to broken/set?

The record lift(s) must have been achieved at a NM divisional competition, or an IPF affiliated national/international competition.

How can I claim a record?

Check the current NM Divisional Records then complete and submit a separate form for each new record.

Men’s Notification Form

Women’s Notification Form

Once verified, the records will be updated and published.

How can I request a divisional record certificate?

When records are updated, certificates will be produced and uploaded to the Downloads section of the website.

Alternatively, if the record has already been published and the certificate is not available to download, certificates can be requested by sending an email to