Record Notification

You MUST be a member of the North Midlands division and active within the division in order to claim any records!

How to claim a new divisional record:-

  1. Check your results against the current divisional records (see “records” tab on the menu bar) to ensure you have beaten the current record(s).
  2. From the drop-down menu on the “Records Notification” tab select the relevant notification form (there is a separate form for men & women due to the different weight categories).
  3. Complete a submission form for each individual lift record. ie if claiming for a Squat and a Total record for example, then you need to submit a claim for each one individually etc.  (You include the letters and numbers of your GBPF membership number and take care to tick the appropriate box for Equipped or Classic/unequipped lifts).

(Please only submit claims for your record lifts – do not simply submit all your competition results and hope it will be sorted  – unless of course, they are all records then refer to point 3 above)

Once submitted and verified, the records will be updated. Upon completion of this process, certificate(s) can be requested via email to

Please note, to ensure all the relevant information is collated without omissions and to ease administration, this will be the only method accepted to register your record notification.

No other forms of communication will be acted upon.